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Feb. 4th, 2009


forgot this existed.


Jul. 25th, 2007

It seems I've crawled into a hole, yet again. By hole, I mean I've been working much more than is feasible and thus all I have the energy to do these days is crawl into bed the moment I get home. I've been doing a lot of kickboxing as well (which I highly recommend. Its a ridiculous workout, and it's also ridiculously fun.) I DID managed to read the Potter this weekend, with shocking speed considering that I was working most of it. What excites me most is that I hear Rowling is writing a Harry Potter ENCYCLOPEDIA, with detailed character backstory and the like. *death*

Now that I've caught up with my reading I can concentrate on the Six/Baltar monster that has taken over my hard drive. But because I'm silly I was really wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good Harry/Hermione fic. Yeah, I know--but I'm having no luck hunting for it on my own. I suck.

oh, summertime.

I'm pretty sure my neighbors are scared of us. We decided today to blast a random assortment of classical music in the central Bose and turn it up into the higher 80s. I was in my room upstairs making myself interview ready and I swear I could feel the base in my feet, which I must say was fun. A little scary for the mailman to hear Wagner at the edge of the property, but quite entertaining for us. And it's made for the best background music for The Secret History, which I can't put down to save my life. I started it this morning and just started to wade a bit into Book II. I haven't even done the crossword puzzle today, which says something.*

And I just realized that the reason I've been so jumpy today is probably due to the fact that I've consumed massive amounts of green tea. Listening to the Kreutzer Sonata all day hasn't helped, either. Geez.

You know what's depressing? When your best friends give you a book of New York Times Sunday crossword puzzles and you spend a week doing one. I've never been this bad before, seriously guys. AND! It has THE FIRST SUNDAY CROSSWORD EVER. Also known as Hi, PopCulture from 1934, its nice to meet you. Shit.


I somehow survived all of 2007 without having to pull an all-nighter.

Of course, until now.

I never fully appreciated the spectacular view of Manhattan I have from my studio until this morning. As it is I'm never in my room, especially when I need to get things done. (This place is a blackhole for productivity. I'm surprised I could even type that.) Regardless, I had the pleasure of watching the most beautiful sunrise in between tearing up a draft and drowning in strong Cuban coffee.

If I hadn't already mentioned this, I loathe the UN.Collapse )

This is just the beginning, too. I happen to have a professor with a huge heart and soul that I must worship, because she granted us an extension on a 14 page paper that would have been due today as well. God bless her and her Russian loving heart.

I did take a break tonight, to watch Lost. Which was an hour of my life that I am never getting back. I have faith, though. It's starting to get its mojo once again.

daygloparker is officially the anti-Christ. And I am officially BSG's bitch. Stay tuned for the plethora of word vomit that is going to erupt after finals hell.
i live.

or at least now i do. check back in two weeks from today. i have this feeling that five finals slay me.

and, because i never thought i'd entertain such notions: where hath the fucking snow gone?

Aug. 17th, 2006


(i really need to actually start writing in this. i will, i swear.)
World Cup fever has seized my life. I'm not sure what I enjoy more, the fact that I willingly wake up at 6 to catch early games that mean nothing but I sleep right through Mexico versus Iran. Irony, no? Needless to say I came home to my mother sneering before I managed to open my mouth. Sweet family I have, no?

Attention Mac users: I have an inquiry.Collapse )

I find myself missing New York more and more these days.

And in a completely different line of thinking, my nephew keeps coming up to my computer and staring at it like it's God. Heeee.

Jun. 7th, 2006

You know what's a bad idea? Watching the series finale of Six Feet Under when you're sick and melancholy to begin with.

Something about the combination of "Breathe Me" and death that just kills me. As of five minutes ago? I WAS SOBBING. Like a baby.

Just in: I may be starting job #2 of the summer this weekend. wheeeee.

countdown to new york: 14 days.
daygloparker happens to be amazing.

teh journal happens to be nice and shiny now. I'll also give her credit for the fact that I'm updating for the first time in eons.

Who forgot to tell me that Big Love was amazing? Because it is.


is you is or is you be my baby
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